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What age is Cleanmarine For Women suitable from?
Cleanmarine For Women is suitable for women aged 15 – 45 years.

What age is Cleanmarine MenoMin suitable from?
Cleanmarine MenoMin is suitable for women aged 45+ as it contains additional ingredients to support health at this stage of life.

When is the best time of day to take Cleanmarine?
We recommend taking 2 capsules daily with food, ideally at breakfast time.

Is Cleanmarine For Women safe in pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Please consult your GP before taking any nutritional supplements.

Will Cleanmarine For Women interfere with the contraceptive pill?

Can children take the adult Cleanmarine Krill Oil?
Yes, if they are happy to swallow the slightly larger capsules. We have a specific Cleanmarine® For Kids product in the range, with smaller kids sized, easy to swallow capsules as well as the worlds first Krill Oil liquid Orange Burst for kids

Where can I buy Cleanmarine?
The Cleanmarine range is available in almost all health food stores and pharmacies in Ireland, find your local store using our store locator:

Can you take Cleanmarine if you are allergic to shellfish?
No. Krill are crustaceans.

Is Cleanmarine gluten free?

Is Cleanmarine sustainable?
We were the first brand in Europe to be MSC Certified. See for full details.

Do whales eat Krill? So therefore aren’t you messing up the food chain by harvesting Krill?
Whales and other fish do eat a lot of Krill, they are nature’s best source of EPA and DHA. Only 0.0375% of the worlds Krill is harvested annually. Krill are only harvested for a few weeks of the year and once their quota is reached they stop. There are also independent representatives from the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living (CCAMLR) onboard each vessel making sure no other species are harmed. Cleanmarine® Krill Oil comes from the only Krill fishery that has been certified to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standard. An independent study carried out by Accenture found the MSC eco-label to rate the highest in compliance to criteria stipulated by this eco-label at 96%. Cleanmarine® is also approved by the WWF due to its sustainability and ethical fishing.