Every age brings its own stresses but it’s fair to say that your 20s are some of the busiest years of your life. You’re starting your career and more often than not that means putting in all those extra hours that weren’t mentioned (though now you think about it, were kind of implied) at the interview. You’re trying to keep up with your friends and in your 20s that means everything from big birthdays, graduations, going away parties (sob) right through to engagements and hen nights (eek)! You also need to do drinks with your work mates, sign up for the office tag team and go to that conference your boss thinks is a good idea. Oh yeah, you probably need to spend some time with your family too – your mum was definitely laying it on a bit thick the last time you made it home in time for dinner. But with so much going on and so many plans in your head (that girls’ weekend in Amsterdam, the digital marketing diploma at night) you’re feeling a big bleurgh about yourself. But when you don’t want to give up any one part of your life are there ways to find balance in your very crazy world? Of course there are - here are some of our favourites:

1. Dedicate one night a week to a me date. It sounds a little self-helpy but it’s the kindest thing you can do for yourself. Say no to plans, try and leave work at a time that means you’ll have a proper dinner and get home in time to switch off. Do your favourite things. That could be eating something delicious, having a really long bath with your favourite Lush bomb, a Skype catch up with your bestie in Vancouver or all three together – just don’t drop your phone in the tub!

2. Ditch public transport. If you’re stressing about finding time to exercise on top of everything else, ditch the bus home two nights a week and walk it instead. You’ll get your steps in, get some much-needed fresh air and get a chance to listen to that podcast everyone is raving about. It’s a win win!

3. Make sure everything is in balance. We all know too well how your period can mess up more than just five days a month. If you find your moods and energy affected too you might want to take a supplement like Cleanmarine For Women that supports the regulation of hormonal activity, reduces tiredness and fatigue and helps to maintain normal, healthy skin. When you already have an exhausting life, you don’t need your period adding to your troubles.

keep everything in balance

4. Start a podcast club. It’s like a book club but without the guilt of not having time to read the books! You can listen in the car, on your walks, in the gym or over lunch and get together with your mates to talk about the latest episodes. If you’re looking for an alcohol free get together you could do it on a Sunday afternoon over tea and cake before you head home and get ready for the next five crazy days!