BE CAREFUL WHEN COLOURING - Between the ages of 45 and 65, 74% of people are affected by grey hair. So, how do we get rid of it? By colouring it, of course. The only problem is harsh dyes can cause hair to become weak and brittle. Try to give as much time as you can between touch-ups and a deep conditioning treatment once a week can go a long way.


BE SMART WHEN STYLING - There’s nothing better than a great blow dry to make you feel fantastic, but if you use heat styling on your hair more than a few times a week, you can really damage your hair. To keep your locks long and strong, limit your use of blow dryers, straighteners and curling tongs, switch up the setting to a no-heat setting, and avoid excess brushing and washing too.

CHANGE UP YOUR DIET - Nutrition is so important for strong, healthy hair, and protein packs a real punch. However, most women don’t get the recommended 37 to 50 grams per day. Ensure you get enough in your diet by including foods like lean meat, tofu and eggs, and keep an eye on your iron, vitamin D and calcium levels too which can all lead to hair loss.

hair-brushTAKE A SUPPLEMENT - It’s normal to experience changes in hormone levels as you enter peri-menopause. During this time, the hair can become finer and thinner so especially during the summer if you can let your hair dry naturally. If you use a hairdryer every day, it pays to pay attention to your vitamins, says Lorraine Keane. “I have been taking Cleanmarine MenoMin daily for 18 months now and I am delighted with the results,” she reveals. “I feel more balanced, I’m sleeping better, I have more energy and my hair and skin are looking great. The biotin contained in each capsule helps maintain healthy hair and skin, both very important to feeling and looking good. I’m known for having big hair – and lots of it – you could say it quite literally is ‘my crowning glory’, so it’s nice to know that the ingredients in MenoMin are not only supporting my hormonal activity, but they are also support a healthy body plus great-looking hair and skin too.”

Cleanmarine MenoMin is available in health stores and pharmacies nationwide.