It may be all the (silent) rage, but let’s face it, sitting stock-still on the floor, ignoring all those achy, itchy bits and tuning into the contents of our own minds (dinner, Kardashians, damn itchy nose) might not be everyone’s idea of R and R. So just how can we manage stress and achieve a zen-like state of contentment without the breath-work and incense sticks?

1. Anxious? Apply some perspective. Will you still worry about this is five years’ time? Can you take action or is the situation out of your control? There is only so much we can do about climate change or what his mother thinks. Will worrying make any real difference?

2. Get organised. Write a list of things to do. Putting thoughts on paper means getting them out of your head. It also means we experience the great joy of crossing things off a list. List-lovers can even colour code items as ‘urgent’, ‘priority’ or ‘longer term’ goal. With clarity, comes calm.

3. Give time and attention to the activities you love. Hobbies can take us out of one world and into another, like taking a mental holiday.

4. Take a minimalist approach. Too much social media? Hanging onto outgrown friendships? Is that ‘amazing’ holiday really worth all that financial pressure? Most of us are doing and spending too much. But are the things we’re doing and buying sparking joy? If not, think twice. And practice saying ‘no’. It’s powerful.

5. Downtime is special and sleep is sacred. Start to unwind two hours before bed. Listen to music, enjoy a DIY facial. Don’t open those work emails, and make sure the bedroom is a device-free zone.

6. Fill your toolbox. Many of us suffer uncomfortable bouts of anxiety at some point, or even full-blown panic attacks. Have a ‘toolbox’ of things you can do to get you through. It helps to have a few tools to hand because every bout is different. Do a simple YouTube yoga routine. Have an affirmation to focus on – something like ‘this too shall pass’ or ‘I am getting through this with strength and calm’. Take a bath. Studies show that people are happier around water – even a shower helps.

7. Exercise. This is huge. When we’re stressed, the body is flooded with adrenalin and cortisol, the ‘fight or flight’ hormones. These are terrific reactions when being attacked by a bear, but not so good for dealing with subtle passive-aggressive comments from that colleague that everyone else just loves. In fact, we turn into a toxic soup of stress hormones. Exercise helps us metabolise those unhealthy hormones, so a sprint through the woods really is the best solution to both bears and annoying colleagues.

8. Eat a diet rich in B vitamins. Choose beef liver, almonds or spinach for fatigue-fighting riboflavin (B2); fish or sunflower seeds for thiamine (B1) or fish, dairy, meat and eggs for stress-busting B12. Extra stressed and poorly nourished? Supplement with a high-quality source such as Cleanmarine For Women.