One day you’re smooth-skinned and flawless, standing confidently on the cusp of teenage life. The next – well, that all changes (for some). Blackheads, whiteheads, spots, shine and red sensitive skin have been spoiling teen discos for generations. Many teenage skin problems are driven by hormones so there is only so much that can be done. While the body is finding a new, adult endocrine balance, these hormones are in flux and many of them effect the skin. Estrogen helps with the production of collagen for beautiful, supple young skin. Human growth hormone supports skin elasticity. Progesterone supports immunity throughout the body; plentiful DHEA combats oxidative stress (aging) while testosterone, which both boys and girls produce, stimulates the enlarging oil glands. Some people, for genetic reasons, produce thicker sebum (oil). This means that oxygen can’t get into the hair follicles and bacteria thrive.

Looking after hormonal teenage skin

What can we do?

• Resist the temptation to strip the skin of oils with abrasive washes and exfoliation. This will only stimulate more oil production and we can get trapped in a cycle

• Wash twice daily with gentle, natural products. Less is more

• Lay off the night cream. Teenage skin doesn’t need it. Countless blogs advise using coconut oil but this too can block the hair follicles and cause more problems

• Sugar and processed food seems to affect many teenagers’ skin. Try to have healthy snacks such as nuts or fruit on hand to avoid becoming hungry – and ‘hangry’! Sip on water when you can to stay hydrated

• Zinc helps balance hormones. Find it in seafood, meat and poultry, legumes, eggs, nuts and seeds such as sesame, flax, pumpkin and sunflower which are also a good source of magnesium

• Omega 3 essential fatty acids perform important functions in every cell in the body, including skin cells. They also maintain brain health, which is so important during these emotionally turbulent years when we are also expected to learn and excel

• Vitamin B6 is important for healthy skin and helps the body regulate hormones. Find it in meat and poultry (especially turkey), seafood, legumes, avocadoes and nuts and seeds

• If stressed, under the weather or simply not eating healthy foods consistently, consider taking a good-quality multivitamin supplement. Cleanmarine For Women is specially designed to help regulate hormones, therefore benefitting teenage skin. It contains phospholipid rich Omega 3s, Vitamin B6 and other stress-busting B vitamins, rosemary extract and more And remember, problem teenage skin shall pass!