Hormones and Anxiety Womans MoodsWomen are amazing. Fact. Our bodies can create life, our multitasking skills should be an Olympic sport and our abilities to manifest the perfect top in the summer sales is second to none. But with our brilliance comes a 28-day cycle that sometimes feels like a war lord determined to burn down our lives. As well as the expense of sanitary products, the fear of period leakage and the pain of cramps is an often overlooked side effect - anxiety. While anxiety is primarily a mental health disorder, an imbalance in our hormones could be leading to a spike in anxiousness and distress.

> If you have consistently heavy periods you could find yourself anaemic and what is a side effect of anaemia? Anxiety.

> You might be low on progesterone and studies have found that it helps to play a role in the production of GABA which is a calming chemical produced in the brain. Decreased progesterone can result in not enough GABA which in turn can lead to more anxiety.

sugar rollercoaster

> The carb monsters can also help to make us anxious. Insulin is one of our master hormones and when we sit and load up on sugary carbs in an effort to cheer ourselves up we can send it out of balance. We’ve all been on the sugar rollercoaster and know too well the feelings of self-loathing that can come from riding it.

Thankfully hormone derived anxiety can often be managed by maintaining normal hormone function. Things that help include:

1. Getting the right amounts of exercise. Change your routine to work with the different times of your cycle and when working out is the last thing on your mind at the very least get out for a walk.

out for a walk

2. Eating right. Carbs are not our enemies, far from it and everyone needs some good sourdough bread in their lives. Eat slow releasing carbs like porridge and wholemeal pasta to stop those insulin spikes.

3. If you have heavy periods, infrequent or too frequent periods make an appointment with your GP to get everything checked out. It might be normal for you, or it might be something that needs a little attention.

4. Take a supplement with a combination of vitamins and minerals that will support normal hormone function like Cleanmarine For Women.

Remember there's no need to suffer in silence, half the people on the planet have a reproductive system and can experience hormonal imbalances, and the more we talk about our hormones and share the tips that work for us the more we normalise our bodies. That's real Girl Power!

A few simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can make a big difference when it comes to breaking the anxiety cycle, however if you continue to feel anxious please visit your GP.