Want to look confident, happy, popular, capable and attractive? You’ve got this: just smile. The world will smile right back ‘atcha. Here’s how to show your very best smile:

- Do drink plenty of water – for 101 reasons, including that dehydration means we have less saliva to protect against the bacteria that forms plaque, ultimately leading to cavities

- Do brush last thing before bed and first thing in the morning, because saliva dries up overnight, leaving us vulnerable to bacteria

- Do brush with baking soda once a week to boost whiteness

- Do eat apples a.k.a ‘nature’s toothbrushes’. Eat one after a meal to clean and kill bacteria, especially if you don’t have an opportunity to brush. Carrot sticks, celery and even popcorn have a similar effect as they’re all firm - Do eat plenty of calcium-rich foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheese. Other sources include canned fish like salmon, leafy greens, tofu and fortified cereals and juice

- Do enjoy some sunshine and fresh air. Calcium doesn’t work alone; it needs Vitamin D to help with absorption. Exposing hands and face to sun (or at least daylight!) may be enough if you’re very fair, but darker skin absorbs less. Food sources include fatty fish (with good fats!) such as salmon, mackerel and trout, beef, egg whites and milk and cereal specially fortified with Vitamin D. You could also supplement with Cleanmarine For Women, which contains Vitamin D, B Vitamins and phospholipid rich Omega 3 fatty acids

- Do eat adequate amounts of protein (meat, dish, dairy, nuts, legumes and pulses), as the body uses protein to create tissue, including the connective tissue that keeps teeth healthy and in place

- Do enjoy plenty of antioxidants in fresh fruit and veg, as they boost immunity, throughout the body and in the mouth - Do eat a consistently varied diet! Mucosal cells in the mouth turn over every few days, so any nutritional deficiencies show up fast - Do look after the gums. Brush with gentle circular motions at a 45 degree angle to the gum

- Do go for yearly dental check-ups. Problems should not be ignored as bacterial build-up and decay can create an inflammatory response throughout the body

- Do try a coral or red lipstick as lighter shades can make teeth look a bit yellow. Some teeth are naturally more yellow. And that’s fine

- Do practice that gorgeous smile often! 

What about the ‘don’ts’? They’re simple and not fun, as usual:

- Don’t feast on sugary foods too often. Bacteria creates acids when breaking down sugar, which can erode the teeth

- Don’t enjoy wine, tea, caffeine and fizzy drinks regularly, as they stain teeth

- Don’t smoke as it has a staining effect too on teeth