You find your dream dress at 50% off. He doesn’t call you back. You get that promotion. You don’t click with the new girl. Your car insurance has gone sky high. You’re late for work again. You book the best holiday ever.

Stuff happens all the time. Some of it is amazing. Some of it is terrible. But most of it is just stuff happening, neither really good nor really bad and what makes the difference between a great day, a bad day or a day that’s simply a bit ‘meh’, is the thoughts, feelings and emotions we bring to it. We think we’re rational being reacting in a consistent way, but actually how we react to any given situation is often driven by whether we ate breakfast that morning, stuff that happened when we were 15, or where we are in our monthly cycle.

So what can we do balance these thoughts and feelings, clear out the emotional clutter and feel positive every day of the month?

Feel Balanced

It all starts with self-care.

Become aware of the effect of blood sugar levels throughout the day. Busy and stressed, we often grab simple carbs or sugary snacks for a quick energy fix. It works – but not for long. Soon we feel even more stressed and irritable. The trick is to choose foods that release energy more slowly throughout the day so we stay on an even keel. Start the day with a protein breakfast. Graze on nuts and fruit.

B vitamins are your true friends. Especially Vitamin B6 which contributes to normal psychological function. Find it in turkey breast, chickpeas, salmon, beef liver, watermelon, potatoes, pistachios and spinach or choose a good quality supplement such as Cleanmarine For Women.

Exercise gives a lot back. It keeps us slim, boosts energy, stabilises blood sugars, protects cardiovascular health and floods the system with happy hormones called endorphins. Exercise makes us feel strong enough to face whatever the week brings. It doesn’t matter if it’s pilates, football, aqua-aerobics or a morning walking. Just do what you love because all movement is good

Feel Balanced

In the run up to a period, it’s not unusual to have a few nights of disturbed sleep. Calcium-rich dairy products or green leafy veg helps our bodies produce melatonin, the sleep hormone.

Sometimes we just need to declutter our schedules, our living spaces and our lives. We need to say no to invitations, park the self-improvement plans, turn the smartphone off and take some real time for just us. Just chill out, watch some thrashy TV and paint those toe nails. It’s ok to do nothing, especially at those more challenging times of the month. Downtime helps us recharge.