We are delighted to announce that Cleanmarine For Women is working in partnership with Plan International to make sure girls everywhere are valued, encouraged, and respected.

Plan International aim to reach 100 million girls in the developing world, directly improving their lives with access to education, skills and protection. It is unacceptable that many girls are survivors of violence, and suffer discrimination, which denies their power and limits their freedom.

Cleanmarine Charity Partnership

Cleanmarine For Women is supporting Girls Get Equal, the new campaign from Plan International calling time on inequality. Girls Get Equal comes when we have a tidal wave of change for the better, and calls for a new world where girls can live, love and lead without fear of discrimination. Only then can their true power be unleashed, creating a world that is better for everyone. Girls Get Equal helps us all to stand shoulder to shoulder with girls across the world, girls like Aisha from Nigeria.

Aisha was just 15 years old when she fled conflict in Nigeria with her parents and four siblings. The family settled in a refugee camp in neighbouring Cameroon, but Aisha’s father struggled to provide for the family.

Soon Aisha’s father told her that he had arranged to marry her to a man in a neighbouring camp. “My husband collected the bride price and the handshake that followed between the two men was enough to seal the marriage. Child marriage is wrong” said Aisha’s mother in tears.

Cleanmarine Charity Partnership

“I got married at the age of 12. I was a baby myself when I delivered my first baby. I went through severe pain and psychological trauma, and I lost my baby. I don’t want my daughter to go through that too.”

With support from Plan International, Aisha and her mother persuaded her father to call off the child marriage, and instead to register Aisha in education.

Through the Girls Get Equal campaign, Cleanmarine For Women and Plan International are helping girls like Aisha to avoid child marriage and instead to be valued, encouraged, and respected.

To find out more visit plan.ie and sponsor a child, like Aisha.

Plan International