Women in Ireland don’t talk about hormone health with other women or their partners with many suffering in silence and dealing with hormone imbalance symptoms on their own which can be difficult.

To help educate women about hormone health and encourage them to join the conversation, Cleanmarine has developed a ‘Book Club Hormone Health Pack’ to help women kick start their own chat about hormone health. It includes a conversation starter question guide, 8 copies of “The Essential Guide to Female Hormones” by Nutritionist Susie Debice and a panel of experts, bookmarks and some herbal tea. So, all you need to do is grab a kettle and your group of friends to start this important conversation today!

Lorraine Keane and friends

Speaking about the importance of discussing hormone health, Cleanmarine Ambassador and Broadcaster, Lorraine Keane, commented, “This year I am sharing conversations with my friends about their hormone health, to encourage all women across Ireland to talk about their hormone health too. Cleanmarine have developed the ‘Book Club Hormone Health Pack’ which offers the perfect kit for encouraging women of all ages to talk more openly about their hormone health.”

You can listen to Lorraine’s podcasts here, where she speaks to friends Maia Dunphy and Aisling O'Loughlin about their hormonal journeys throughout their 30s and 40s:


Also speaking about starting the conversation today, Cleanmarine Nutritional Therapist, Sarah Brereton, said, “As a nutritional therapist I am very aware of my hormone health, but most women I speak to are not. Some simple changes to our diets and daily routines can bring immense improvements to hormone health. I am delighted to have the opportunity to educate women and help them get that all-important hormone health conversation started.”

To order your Book Club Hormone Health Pack email bookclub@naturalife.ie

To download your own copy of the hormone guide visit www.cleanmarine.ie/hormones