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You may have noticed an increase in articles discussing burnout recently as dismissed it as either the latest fad or something not for you. But increasingly mental health professionals and researchers are concerned that burnout is a phenomenon that not only won’t go away but is causing real problems.

It can happen to anyone at any time but if you’re on a promotion path, are the sole earner for a family (because your partner is on maternity leave or staying at home with children), are running your own business or are simply trying to cram too much in, burnout is something you should be concerned about. There is a link between burnout and anxiety, depression, stress, heart disease and obesity.

A lot of people consider having very little free time and a moderate amount of stress as just part of daily life, but self-care is more important than ever for the never off generation. 

Large multinational corporations are more cognisant than ever of minding the mental, emotional and physical health of their employees but if you don’t work for one of those what can you do in your own life to make burnout less likely? 

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> Firstly, you can take your holidays. If you lead a team you know that change happens from the top down so make it a policy that everyone takes their full allocation. If you aren’t in charge and that isn’t the company culture try to make the suggestion or approach HR.

>If you have a young family, and you can afford to, take the parental leave that you’re entitled to.

>Find a hobby that lets you relax. It could be golf, it could be yoga (your friends might laugh at first but when you look buff and agile they’ll soon stop) but it should be something that lets you switch off without alcohol.

>Reduce screen time. After dinner emails may be vital but make it a habit to switch off your phone one hour before bed. Even better buy an alarm clock and leave your phone in the kitchen at night.

>Make sure you’re eating well. When we’re busy a good meal can be the last thing on your mind and chicken fillet rolls at lunch time and snacks in the evening become habit very fast. The wrong types of food can make burnout worse so even at stressful times try to retrain yourself to choose the healthy option.

>Fresh air and exercise are vital for both mental and physical health so at the weekends plan family walks and park games that let you blow off steam and, this is a bonus, exhaust the kids! 

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>Take a multivitamin every morning so you’re starting on the right foot. Cleanmarine For Men has a comprehensive omega 3, multivitamin formulation that helps to boost energy levels and maintain heart health and brain function as well as general health and vitality, something everyone could do with.