No one loves going to the doctor and we’re all guilty of occasionally putting our health on the back burner but research has shown that about three quarters of men don’t go to their GP even when showing signs of illness or injury.

So why the hesitation in getting things checked? Unfortunately, a lot of the reluctance can be traced back to the old attitude of boys being big and strong. That ingrained mentality can mean that sickness often equates weakness in the subconscious of some men.

While women are used to being poked and prodded for all matters of things there is often a veil over what really happens at appointments for things like prostate exams and urban myths have built up about what the doctor will actually do to them.

But prostate exams, amongst other things, have come a long way and are far more simple than most men believe. For healthy men over the age of 35 a doctors visit every two years that checks cholesterol, blood pressure and the prostate is sufficient and a general check list for when to go to the doctor.  Other than that, if something won’t go away, is getting worse or is starting to get you down make a doctor's appointment and get it checked.

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But there’s more to men’s health than just persuading them to see the doctor.

Diet – getting enough vitamins, minerals and good fats, in your diet is essential for heart health, brain health, reproductive health and general wellbeing.

Alcohol – binge drinking and drinking to combat stress can both lead to health complications and cognitive issues.

Exercise – this beats stress, boosts heart health and energy levels.

Body checks – while women are used to home health checks getting the men in our lives to do regular testicular checks and mole patrols is vital.

Mental health – whether it’s with you or with a friend, it’s so important to get men to talk.

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