kid with a place of broccoli

It’s been a long day and you’re really looking forward to sitting down as a family and enjoying the delicious meal you made for your loved ones. Which is what you’re about to do except instead of one meal you made three meals and are currently dealing with a tantrum of epic proportions because you made the monumental error of placing some peas beside some corn on a plate. Cooking for a family that includes some choosey eaters can be a challenge but there are some things you can do.

  • Don’t make a big deal of it. If they really don’t want to eat something, don’t force it. Don’t make food the enemy.
  • Make children part of your kitchen team. If they help with the shopping or dinner prep they’ll feel more involved and may be more inclined to try different things.
  • Let them see what you’re eating. If the  only way they’ll taste something is off your plate let them. A win is a win.
  • Don’t give up, keep offering different things at different times. You never know when they’ll come around.
  • Remember fussy stages are totally normal and they will, eventually pass. How many adults do you know that will only eat smiley faces, ham and frozen corn?

Variety of healthy foods

Not creating drama at dinner is one thing but we’re all concerned that our children are getting the right mix of vitamins and minerals. A few sneaky vegetables, some fruit made into smoothies and cheese mixed into everything covers a lot of bases but how do you make sure they’re getting things like Omega 3 which contributes to normal brain function and eyesight? If we all ate the recommended amount of oily fish and nuts and seeds our diet would have it covered but it’s hard enough for adults to keep up with that never mind children who will only eat spaghetti!

CMFK lifestyle image

A high strength Omega supplement like Cleanmarine for Kids is a great alternative for children that refuse to eat fish. An Irish brand, it comes in easy to swallow capsules, has no added sugar or flavours and contains no fishy after taste. Phew!