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Tested Sports Safe & Cleanmarine

For most of us that take health supplements, it is as simple as walking into our local health food store or pharmacy and picking up the brand we want without having to put much thought into it. But for aspiring and elite athletes, this is a much more complex process. The demands that are placed on their bodies will often require supplementation of the highest standards and quality to support their strict dietary protocols.

At elite level, athletes are continually tested for a list of up to 160 banned substances. Consuming a supplement with the slightest trace of a banned ingredient can lead to disastrous and career-ending outcomes. Only recently in Ireland we had an inter-county GAA player fall prey to contamination of a supplement, thereby leading to his failure on testing for prohibited substances.

Tested Sports Safe

For this reason, brands including Cleanmarine For Men and Cleanmarine For Women are continually batch-tested and are certified as "Tested Sports Safe®".

To achieve this sports-safe certification, we work with a world-renowned sports doping control and research laboratory to test the products  for over 160 banned substances for elite athletes. This laboratory has vast experience working within the framework of the World Anti- Doping Association.

Tested Sports Safe

Brand ambassador for Cleanmarine® For Men, Alan Brogan, has the following advice for athletes and sports players;

“There can be confusion around sports supplements and it’s important both elite and aspiring athletes continue to be educated on checking that the products they take are tested to WADA standards. With Tested Sports Safe®, athletes taking Cleanmarine® For Men and Cleanmarine® For Women can rest assured that both products are rigorously tested and safe to take. 

By shopping “Tested Sports Safe®”, elite and aspiring athletes have the instant reassurance that the health food supplements they are purchasing contain no prohibited substances under the WADA guidelines wherever they see the “Tested Sports Safe” logo on pack.

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