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Recovery & Cleanmarine for Men

General ‘wear and tear’ can leave your joints susceptible to pain, inflammation and restricted mobility and flexibility during times of stress, long-haul travel, dehydration or post training.

Not all joint pain is attributed to an active lifestyle though. A major cause of back and neck pain is a sedentary lifestyle or simply sitting for long periods of time and poor posture. Looking down at a laptop screen or having your desktop screen at the incorrect height can contribute to neck and back problems. These discomforts, if left uncorrected, can turn into more seriously debilitating pain that can impact on your quality of life.

 All fired up

Joint problems caused by bad postural habits or sedentary periods, recent or recurrent sports injuries and general wear and tear can all lead to increased inflammation at the site of the problem. Immune cells are called into the area in an attempt to help repair the problem. Heat, pain and swelling occur as the activity builds and if the attempts for healing are unsuccessful the inflammation escalates. During the inflammation process chemicals are released by immune cells that create ‘oxidative stress’ in the joints causing more damage, further aggravating the problem. Making sure you have a rich supply of antioxidants in your diet (vitamin A, C, E and selenium) is a good way to help your body keep this inflammation under control as these antioxidants cleverly mop-up and deactivate the chemicals that trigger oxidative stress.

Fat balance

The body creates inflammation by converting certain types of fatty acids found in saturated fats and omega-6 fats into substances called pro-inflammatory prostaglandins which alert immune cells into the area. These prostaglandins act in the same way as adding petrol to a fire. Of course nature always provides us with the perfect antidote to many of our health problems and in this case the fatty acids found in omega-3 fats can be converted into anti-inflammatory prostaglandins which turn down the inflammation process – a bit like pouring water onto a fire. 

Unfortunately many of us don’t get enough of the omega-3 fats in our diet but we tend to get more than enough omega-6, found in vegetable oil, sunflower oil, nuts and seeds, and saturated fats found in red meat, butter, cheese, cream, yoghurt and milk. To switch your fat balance to be more in favour of the anti-inflammatory omega-3 you need to top-up on walnuts and oily fish (salmon, trout, herrings, mackerel, tuna) and it’s worth supplementing with omega-3 too. Studies have shown that krill oil supplementation out performs fish oil at a lower dose when it comes to reducing joint pain. The omega-3 in Cleanmarine supports the body’s anti-inflammatory responses and helps to reduce joint pain, facilitate the healing of injuries and help keep joints supple.

Reference: R.J. Goldberg, J. Katz / Pain 129 (2007) 210–223