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Health Benefits of Cleanmarine High Strength

Cleanmarine High Strength is rich in omega 3. Why do we need omega 3 supplements?

The human body needs ‘essential fats’ such as omega 3 and omega 6 to stay healthy. Unfortunately, we are unable to produce them naturally. Therefore it’s vital that we ensure our diets contain foods rich in these essential “good” fats or that we intake them in supplements. 90% of Irish People Lack Sufficient Omega 3.

The Irish diet is plentiful in omega 6; however getting sufficient omega 3 from food sources can be an issue. For those with demanding and busy lifestyles, getting enough omega 3 from food sources alone can be very difficult. Not everyone can or wants to eat oily fish three times a week. But supplementing daily with just one Cleanmarine High Strength capsule ensures you top up your omega 3 levels (60mg EPA and 27.5mg DHA). Increase your dosage to two capsules a day if you feel you need to. There are no set RDA’s for omega 3 as everybody’s needs are different.