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How To Beat The Monthly Bloat


None of us are immune from pre-period bloating.  So what can we do to conquer it? 

Ho, ho, ho it’s Christmas party season. Can’t you just feel that pre-party rush of adrenaline? You know those nights when everything goes just right, when you’re the star of your very own movie? Well that’s what’s happening. Just wait ‘til they see you owning the dancefloor, looking so fit in that killer little black dress… oh wait.  That dress. That belly.  All eyes on you: ‘Is she? Isn’t she? Who’s going to cover the maternity leave?’ No. No. No.

None of us are immune from pre-period bloating. Some of us can put on up to 10lbs and most of that is around the belly. A lot of the gain is down to fluid retention. The rest is likely due to the effect our hormones have on … well, frankly, our eating habits.

So what we do to beat the bloat?

1. Don’t reach for the chips. The high sodium content makes us retain water even more. Choose natural diuretics (which make us eliminate fluids) instead. Cucumber, celery, watermelon and lemon juice all do the job.

2. Get a good night’s rest as the body heals and resets itself while we sleep. Excess belly fluid travels onwards.

3. Green tea is excellent when it comes to combating bloat. Just be sure to avoid coffee, it irritates the digestive tract and can dehydrate us. Ironically, dehydration makes the body retain water… hello belly.

Try green tea as an alternative to coffee Try green tea as an alternative to coffee

4. Human beings are designed to move. Exercise to avoid sluggish digestion and generally feel better, physically and emotionally.

5. When we’re pre-menstrual, tired and feeling kind of fat, it’s easy to seek comfort in a nice glass of wine. But don’t. Alcohol enhances  bloating and it dehydrates. Choose to enjoy a happy hangover-free morning instead.

Beat pre-period bloating Stock up on fruit and veg

6. High fibre foods such as whole grains, fruit and veg keep everything moving along nicely and help us the avoid the emotional crash and burn that follows a quick junk food hit. Consume foods rich in potassium such as bananas and tomatoes for a better balance of fluids.

7. And our top secret belly-busting tip? Shhh… Spanx. Have a great party and a restful period.

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