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5 Ways To Boost Energy


Busy lives means low-level fatigue affects many of us nowadays. We look at how to give your energy levels a natural boost.

You look ahead to the weekend. Friday night is movie night. Saturday starts with a yoga class, then some shopping and drinks with the girls. Sunday means a family dinner followed by a refreshing walk. It’s a good life with lots to look forward to. But what if, instead of feeling grateful and excited, you just feel… drained?

Blame the fast pace of modern life. Blame too much screen time. Blame over-scheduling during down time. What is for sure is that chronic low-level fatigue affects many of us nowadays. And a lot of the time we barely even notice the effect that its having on mood and quality of life until things reach a crisis point.

So what can we do?

1. Accept that rest is sacred. That means eight hours a night in a regular routine, in a dark, screen-free room. And that means eight sober hours – pre-bed alcohol means we don’t sleep as deeply.

Rest is sacred Rest is sacred

2. It might seem counter-intuitive but exercise actually gives us energy. 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week or 75 minutes of moderate to intense is advised, but even a 10 minute walk boosts energy and mood for two hours. Walk 10 minutes a day for three weeks to experience a more lasting overall lift.

3. Cut back on caffeine. We all know what a boost a 3pm Americano provides but caffeine also raises anxiety - and anxiety is exhausting. And eating an apple is a more effective way to get that energy boost (yes really!).

Schedule some downtime Schedule some downtime

4. It helps to notice when we’re feeling stressed, listen to our emotions and work on managing them better. It takes a lot of energy to suppress negative emotions such as anger and sadness. Better to tune into how we’re really feeling, let those emotions come and then let them go again. Little things simply don’t irritate us as much when we’re on an even keel emotionally. Try mindfulness and schedule downtime – that means real ‘do nothing’ downtime. We all need it.

5. We just can’t feel good on a bad diet. And when we’re tired and irritable it’s easy to get caught in the sugar trap – we snack on junk for a quick energy fix, only to crash and burn too soon. Cue more junk. What we really need is more wholegrains, which release energy slowly and steadily during the day. We also need lots of B vitamins. B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin) and B6 contribute to a normal energy yielding metabolism, while B2 and B6 also help us cope better with stress. Chickpeas, salmon, beef liver, watermelon, potatoes and spinach are good sources of B6. Find B2 in eggs, milk, broccoli and fortified cereals while in lentils, whole grains, pork, milk and spinach are all rich in B1. If in doubt about the quality of your diet, choose a quality supplement like Cleanmarine For Women.

When we feel good, the world is a wonderful place so take some time for self-care and get back that zest for life.

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