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Simple Ways To Keep Skin Glowing


Winter certainly brings plenty of skin care challenges but with a little bit of care we can keep skin glowing.

There’s something so lovely about early winter. Think pale sun on crisp afternoons, the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, wrapping up in warm Scandinavian-style pure wool knits. Think of pink cheeks as you come in from the cold to drink a hot chocolate by a roaring fire, feeling healthy and aglow.

Well let’s be honest. That’s the magazine spread version of winter. For reality, swap Scandinavian knits for rain gear and roaring fires for radiators in stuffy offices. Oh well. At least we can work on the glowing skin part.

Winter certainly brings plenty of skin care challenges but with a little bit of care we can avoid the dreaded itching, redness and chapping of dry skin and stay soft, velvety and comfortable.

Heaters mean dry air and dry skin. Consider getting a humidifier, or at least leave a bowl of water near the heater – the water evaporates into the air.

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Skincare is especially important in the winter months. Hot showers and baths are amazing on cold days but to avoid stripping oils, wash the face with lukewarm water instead. Exfoliating is especially helpful in winter as it removes dead skin cells which can prevent moisturiser from getting in underneath – just avoid exfoliators with environmentally damaging plastic microbeads. Moisturise immediately after cleansing to seal in the dampness and keep skin supple. Not just any old moisturiser will do however, as those with a petroleum base actually dry the skin more. Choose a moisturiser with natural ingredients, or simply use olive or coconut oil – why not? They are affordable, natural oils work beautifully for millions of women all over the world. Don’t stop applying sunscreen however. Just because the sun isn’t strong enough to burn doesn’t mean it can’t do damage.

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Of course, beauty starts within. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydrated skin and choose hydrating foods such as watermelon, cucumber, celery or lettuce. Eat healthy, unprocessed food. Aim for at least five and ideally eight to ten servings of fruit and veg a day. Choose brown rice, bread and pasta over white. Enjoy plentiful protein in the form of lean meat, legumes and oily fish such as wild salmon and mackerel which are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids.

B vitamins are hugely important for healthy, beautiful skin and shiny air, especially B2 (riboflavin) which is found in eggs, milk, broccoli and fortified cereals. B6, found in chickpeas, salmon, beef liver, watermelon, potatoes and spinach, helps regulate hormonal activity, which we know can have major effects on the skin. B vitamins perform all kinds of essential functions in the body. While skin in poor condition is bad news, deficiency can also lead to fatigue. If you’re eating a less that optimal diet, consider supplementing with Cleanmarine for Women which contains a full array of healthful B vitamins.

So look after nutrition, pay some extra attention to skincare and go forth and glow this winter!


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