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World Menopause Day


With World Menopause Day just around the corner on 18th October, the topic of menopause is again to the fore. We look at what menopause means to Irish women.

They all say life begins at 40. So why, you may wonder, do you just not feel yourself?

The perimenopause phase starts around 40 and can last anything from 5-10 years. During this time your body undergoes several hormonal changes which are responsible for the change in how you are feeling. Oestrogen levels start to fall as do progesterone levels and this can mean changes in your hair, skin, energy, sleep and hormones. This can continue for several months or years or vary from month to month; it can also be dependent on factors such as stress, sleep, exercise and your diet.

Most Irish women think feeling like this is normal and when life is busy it’s easy just to put it down to this but with the right diet and nutritional support you can help to manage the way you feel. In fact, a recent survey* with fans of Irish brand Cleanmarine MenoMin showed that 57% of the women who took part said they found menopause to be an empowering stage of life. And when asked how menopause affected their diet and exercise, 55% said it had a positive impact on their habits.

World Menopause Day - Blog

There are a number of things you can do to help to manage the way you feel;

Weight - Manage your weight.

Stress - Reduce stress levels by cutting out caffeine and taking time to enjoy your life. Meditation may also help calm a busy or worried mind.

Quit - If you smoke try to cut down with a view to quitting.

Keep moving - Exercise regularly a 20 minute walk at lunchtime is ideal.

B Vitamins - Support your body by taking B vitamins which help reduce stress and regulate hormones.

Omega 3 - Support the brain and cardiovascular function by increasing your Omega 3 intake which will help cognition and also skin and heart health.

Vitamin D - Make sure you keep your bones and thyroid healthy by maintaining vitamin D levels.

Supplementation - Try Cleanmarine MenoMin, which is an all-in-one combination of Omega 3 krill oil, B vitamins, soy isoflavones, rosemary extract, folate, biotin and vitamin D that can provide women 35-plus with the right nutrients to help them move towards this phase of their life. Speaking about the product, Official Ambassador and Broadcaster, Lorraine Keane, says, “I have had to deal with fluctuating hormone levels all my adult life. Cleanmarine MenoMin helps me feel balanced, my energy levels are normal and my hair and skin look great. It’s natural, Irish and genuinely works.”

Cleanmarine MenoMin is available from Health Food Stores and Pharmacies nationwide.

*Survey carried out via Facebook, through a sample of 58 women who use the product.

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