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Reduce Dark Circles Naturally


Is the area underneath your eyes looking a little tired? We’ve all been there. Waking up and looking like we’ve done a few rounds in the boxing ring. The likely culprits, of course, are alcohol, smoking and sheer exhaustion. Here's how to help reduce dark circles and eye bags naturally.

The skin under the eye is thin and therefore quite transparent, meaning that blue or purplish blood vessels can be visible. When tired, we look paler and the contrast between pale skin and dark circles makes them even more visible. The skin thins even more as we age so over time, we look even more ‘tired’. And what about the bags? Blame the salty chips for that. Salt-heavy meals make us retain water for a not-so-attractive puffy look.

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But there is a lot we can do. Obviously avoiding alcohol, smoking and caffeine goes a long way. Wearing sunglasses or sun block around the delicate eye area also helps. Nutrition is really important too. An iron deficiency makes skin look ashen so eat plenty of red meat, pork or oilier chicken meat. Beans, dark leafy greens and dried fruit such as raisins or apricots are also good sources, especially when combined with a source of Vitamin C such as orange juice, peppers or tomatoes.

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Meanwhile incredible Vitamin K helps blood clot and strengthens capillaries – broken capillaries leak blood which forms dark circles, so this one is important. Find Vitamin K in kale, broccoli, sage, thyme, oregano, aubergines, kidney beans, prunes and celery. Vitamin A, found in butternut squash, sweet potatoes, peaches, papaya and many things yellowy-orange, helps keep skin firm. The powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E, of hazelnut, almond, shellfish and tofu fame, is also known for helping skin retain elasticity. B vitamins – in salmon, chickpeas, spinach, watermelon, lentils, beef liver and more - are great for skin and several of them come with the added benefit of helping us fight fatigue and therefore that tired look. If in doubt about the quality of a diet, its best to supplement.

Great nutrition can help to keep dark circles and eye bags at bay. Shorter term, a proper night’s sleep can make them look a lot better - so look after you, and your eye bags and dark circles will look after themselves!

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