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Find Your Natural Balance


Too much going on? Emotional burnout? Here’s how to stay balanced all month long.

Life is busy. Plenty of us have never ending ‘to do’ lists. Thanks to the wonders of technology, the working day never quite ends and down time isn’t really down time anymore. So many choices! Jogging? Blogging? Or maybe we’re busy creating a pinterest-worthy living space or making Instagramable vegan pancakes. Sometimes our ‘to do’ lists read more like ‘bucket lists’. Who has the energy?

Well, us girls tend to think we do. We take on a lot. Especially during that monthly ‘upswing’ just after our period, when we’re feeling positive, breezy and capable. But then later in the month, we experience a different hormonal mix and suddenly we just want to crash and burn - but the scheduled activities just keep coming.

What can we do to stay strong and balanced? Get mindful with the basics and tune in to how we really feel. It’s easy to get hung up on the surface stuff (‘the report is going to be late!’/’OMG cellulite!’/’this weekend has been scheduled for months – how can he not know!’). But if we stop and simple ask ‘how do I feel?’, very often the answer is just ‘tired’ or ‘hungry’ or ‘sad’.

So start with self-care, every day of the month.

Make sleep a priority. Get a real routine and keep your bedroom phone-free. For stamina, B vitamins are essential. Find thiamine (Vitamin B1) in lentils, whole grains and spinach while riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is found in eggs, milk and broccoli. Together these vitamins help the body convert food into energy. Vitamin B6, in chickpeas, salmon, liver, beef or watermelon, aids in the production of both melatonin, the hormone which regulates the body clock, and serotonin, the happy hormone.

If you’re feeling especially challenged, try Cleanmarine for Women, with Omega 3 fatty acids from Antarctic krill, Vitamin D and a host of healthful B vitamins.


In the second half of the month, blood sugars dip leaving us irritable; it’s tempting to reach for a quick junk food energy hit. Meanwhile, the anxiety hormone cortisol rises and our body asks for carbs to fuel a ‘fight or flight’ reaction. Serotonin dips: we feel sad and want chocolate. The solution? Fight those urges. Or better yet, side-step them completely: eat little but often, so we never get hungry enough to make impulsive bad food decisions. Stick with complex carbs like brown bread, brown rice or quinoa, for a slow and steady energy release throughout the day. Keep healthy snacks like fruit, nuts or popcorn snacks on hand for if the going gets tough.

Simply don’t let yourself get hungry or tired. What about sad though? Or angry? A little bit of mindfulness helps here too. Let the feeling come. Don’t try to smother it with nutella. Notice what’s behind it. Behind rage we often find sadness or fear. Watch how this plays out in our relationships. For example, sometimes we lash out at a new partner or at family because we’re still holding onto old hurts. Let your feeling speak to you instead - and then let it go.


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