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8 Tips For a Healthier Diet


Just what is a healthy diet and how can we make it an everyday habit? Who doesn’t want a healthier diet? Someone who doesn’t enjoy feeling fit, happy and beautiful? We have every reason in the world to eat well but putting theory into practice isn’t always easy. We get busy, eat on the run, top up flagging energy with sugary snacks and all our good intentions fall apart. So just what is a healthy diet and how can we make it an everyday habit?

Forget Big Resolutions. Make little changes instead. Swap butter for olive oil. Swap sugar for maple syrup. You won’t feel deprived. Make one change at a time and in a few months from now, you may find yourself eating a quite different, much better diet.

Green vegetables Greens

Is swiss chard the new kale? Are beet greens the new swiss chard? Who cares! Trendy superfoods are great – especially as content for clean eating bloggers. But true health lies in eating a variety of fruit and veg – yes even ‘untrendy’ ones – because optimum health involves a whole range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which we can only get from eating a whole range of plants. Aim for 7-10 servings a day. Legumes (beans, pulses, lentils) can count towards your daily veg and they’re a great source of non-meat protein.

Omega 3 fatty acids have been associated with eye, brain and joint health. Find them in avocado, olive oil or oily fish such as salmon, sardines and fresh tuna or choose a good-quality supplement.

Organisation is the name of the game! Don’t get caught out – keep nuts in your desk at work for a protein-rich snack and always have an apple close to handy. Don’t do the grocery shop hungry; you may buy too many unhealthy, quick fix foods.

Cook from scratch. Processing destroys enzymes and nutrients and processed foods may be filled out with poor quality ingredients. Don’t have time? Cook up big vats of healthy food when you do have time and freeze them for healthy mid-week dinners when you don’t.

Watch out for liquid sugar in juices and soft drinks. They’re a big source of calories that you don’t need, and its healthier to eat the full fibrous fruit anyway.

Rice Bowl Brown  Rice bowl

Goodbye white bread, white rice and white pasta. You are so nutrient-poor compared to brown varieties. (Brown rice tip: fry the grains in a little oil before boiling for more flavour).

Most important of all, eat mindfully. Put down the smartphone. Turn off the TV. Cook and eat with family and friends. Become aware of what you are eating, where it comes from and how wonderful it is. When you do this one thing, better food choices come naturally.

Bon appetit.

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