Make sure your kids get enough Omega 3

Making sure your child eats a balanced diet and gets enough Omega 3 every day can be quite a challenge, especially with fussy little eaters!

Luckily Cleanmarine® Krill Oil comes in both liquid and kid’s sized capsule for each packed with a potent form of Omega 3 known as ‘phospholipids’, which have been shown to be highly effective even when taking lower levels compared to fish oils.

Taken daily, this will ensure your little ones get the Omega 3 goodness they need but without the dinner table drama. Plus, there are no fishy repeats like fish oils - yippee!

Meet Krilly

Almost two thirds of our brains are made up of fat. So it’s no surprise that for peak mental performance (no matter the age) we should feed them with the “good” essential fats, in particular omega 3.
Adequate omega 3 intake is essential for growth and development. Young kids in particular need omega 3 in their diets to help the brain and nervous system develop correctly.
Taken daily the omega 3 in krill oil will help boost memory and concentration levels. The kids sized capsules are ideal for fussy eaters and those that don’t like the unpleasant fishy burps associated with fish oils.

 So who’s Krilly? He is one of trillions (!!) of tiny shrimp-like crustaceans who live in the cool, pristine oceans off Antarctica. He feeds on microscopic plants and is packed full of nutrients with no room for nasty toxins.